Cleaners cleanroom / general area

As a cleanroom cleaner you work partly in the cleanroom and partly in the areas outside it. You ensure that these areas are completely clean and dust-free. You do this by, in the cleanroom dressed in a cleanroom suit, cleaning the ceiling, walls, floors, doors, etc. according to prescribed procedures. You will be well trained and start with a thorough cleanroom training.

  • You are someone who works meticulously and has an eye for detail. You are a real go-getter and can work in a structured and independent manner. You prefer to be used to physical work.

  • This is a part-time position of 20 hours per week. These hours are, according to a roster, divided over 5 consecutive days, whereby occasionally work must also be done during the weekend or on public holidays. The working hours are preferably between 07:00 and 13:00 and can be arranged flexibly in consultation.

  • As a general area cleaner, you ensure that the kitchen, canteen, toilet groups and showers are completely clean. You do this by cleaning up, vacuuming, wet wiping, mopping, etc.

  • You have experience in the cleaning industry. You are a hard worker and you have good social qualities. You can work independently and neatly and have a great sense of responsibility.

  • This is a part-time position of 10 hours per week, whereby at least 1 hour is worked every working day. The working hours are preferably early in the morning and can be arranged flexibly in consultation.

  • This primarily concerns replacement of illness over a longer period of time.

  • We offer a challenging work environment with room for personal development within a company with a strong team spirit and a collegial working atmosphere. For all positions, you start with a contract for a definite period of time. If both sides agree, this will be converted into a permanent contract. In addition to a good salary, depending on age and experience, Dejima offers good secondary employment conditions, including a non-contributory pension.

    If you would like more information about one of these positions, call Tino Meijer, Teamleader Operations, 026-3842065.

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Dejima in het kort

Dejima Optical Films is een klein, dynamisch, hightech bedrijf dat optische films ontwikkelt voor de display industrie. Deze optische films worden ingezet om oa LCD-schermen te verbeteren en worden veelvuldig toegepast in de autoindustrie. Productie van deze films vindt onder zeer strikte operationele condities plaats in onze cleanrooms (stofarme ruimte).

Dejima bevindt zich in Arnhem waar we werken met een team van ruim 30 mensen.